Brahms: What is the matter, friend? WHY shouldn't we touch these signs?
Katharina: I am pretty sure they are NOT magical, professor ...
Queahn: <increasingly stressed> No, but they are still ... y-you have to be careful here. It feels C-CLOSE.
Katharina: "Close"?
Queahn: T-to ... to home. To the EMPIRE. NGH.
<Brahms tries to comfort him>
Brahms: Are you feeling well ... ?
Queahn: NGH. It ... it is fine. Just a little DIZZY, that is all. Just give me moment.
Shara: <shouting from the side> HEY! KAT AND PROFESSOR GUYS!
Brahms: Isn't that your RUDE BODYGUARD, Miss Grauch?
Katharina: ... A GOOD DESCRIPTION of her, yes. Please excuse me for a moment.
<Katharina goes over to Shara>
Katharina: What is it Shara? I am kinda BUSY with the professors ...
Shara: I noticed. So did you guys settle on WHAT THIS IS?
Katharina: Well we're not exactly SURE yet ...
Shara: <grinning> Don't BULLSHIT me, Kat. Say it!
Katharina: Ok, fine, BURIAL GROUND! Congratulations, you got lucky!
Shara: HAH!
Katharina: So what is it you wanted to show me? Or did you just want to MOCK me?
Shara: Since we now all FINALLY agree that someone important is buried here ...
Katharina: It's ONE THEORY!
Shara: Sure, whatever. IF someone important is buried here ... it'll probably be DOWN THERE, don't you think?
<Shara points to an entrance to the building below the huge tree which is blocked by rubble>



Alt-text: "A there it is. Shara acting smug, just like foretold!"

That's a lot of speech bubbles all over the place. I guess I got carried away a litte ... I hope it's still legible.  

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  1. It’s fine. I had no trouble following the conversations.

    and there is still the transcript, isnt there?

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