Shara: I just ... I just can't wrap my head around this THING.
Gideon: What thing?
Shara: The thing with you being Gideon and someone else at the same time.
Shara: I know it's hard to understand. But you FEEL me, don't you? I rememver everything. I remember when we first met. I remember our first kiss. I remember our FIRST NIGHT TOGETHER. Under that soggy, wooden bride, after it had rained all day ... do you rememver?
Shara: Heh, yeah. We were bith sick the next day. We were so STUPID back then.
Gideon: We were. But we were IN LOVE. I think that's part of the package.
Shara: I guess ...
Gideon: I know I know it feels difficult right now, Shara. But it will get better. Once you save me and hold me in your arms again everything will be great! I will make you feel HAPPY again, Shara! Everything will be like it WAS between us ... I promise!
Shara: I ... I want to believe you. I wish I could just ... I-I don't know if I can ...
Gideon: SSSSHHHH ... it's alright my live. You just have to be patient a LITTLE BIT LONGER. A few days at most.
Shara: And then? What will happen then?
Gideon: Then you'll find me and you'll SAVE me.
Shara: And that's it? Just like that?
Gideon: Well, I could also tell you a few things about my current resting place. You might be able to rub into you companions faces that you know more than them.
Shara: Sounds like fun.
Gideon: I'm not sure how much you'll REMEMBER when you wake up ... but hey it's worth a try.



Alt-text: "Did you get highlights, Shara?"

Can I say, just in general ... I like how this page looks as a whole. Even if there are a lot of speech bubbles and not much structure.

2 thoughts on “page346

  1. I like it as well. Not dancing on the edge of a volcano, but on the edge of a weird sword. Hm.
    And structure is only there so you can make a point by breaking it occasionally.

    1. Glad you like it! What better place to break the usual structure than dream sequences …

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