<Shara is slowly waking up, she is in a tent>
Shara: ... I love you, Gideon ...
Gideon: I know.
<Pesh is lying in front of her>
Pesh: <just woken up> Ngh ... whaddya say?
Shara: <murmuring> ... nothing.
Pesh: Mhm ... you sure? Sounded like you were talking to me.
Shara: I wasn't. It was nothing.
<Shara gets up>
Pesh: You seem kinda ... freaked out, Shara.
Shara: I'm NOT.
Pesh: Is it because of US?
Shara: PLEASE. It's not all about you, tiara boy.
<Shara gathers some clothes and leaves the tent>
<She puts on her metal leg and the clothes>
<She walks a bit away from the tent>
<She stares at the moons>
Shara: <thinking> ... I'm going to find you. I promise.



Alt-text: "I hope Pesh doesn't pay too much attention to whose name Shara shouts out in bed ..."

Pesh, puh-lease.

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