Updated on 2018-02-24: Any panel arrangement where you need to put arrows in to hint at the correct reading order is not a good one … I’m glad I dropped that bad habit later.

Also worth noting: When Halen talks of “we” in the large panel, he just means byzarians in general. He is not from Soaleywin – in fact he comes from a quite different place with a very different culture. The byzarian cities have a complicated relationship with each other … they can feel as a common people, but don’t you dare paint them with the same brush … (Sort of like the cities in the Free Marches in Dragon Age).

↓ Transcript
<Meanwhile, at the courtyard of the Mage's Guild>
Halen: You know, Serpent's End was founded nearly 200 years ago, not long after the Barian Invasion was defeated. It was to be a sign of victory for the Byzarian Union over the Serpent Empire.
Katharina: Ah ... thus the name, I guess?
Halen: Exactly, my dear. For the first century it was a rather small Byzarian settlement that had a rough time surviving here in the jungle. But they didn't want to give up.
Katharina: But, ehm ... didn't we humans also help?
Halen: Heh, yes, of course. But WE, or more specifically the people of Soaleywyn were the only ones CRAZY enough to live at the edge of the great jungle ... mocking the giant, wounded snake and be the first ones to be DEVOURED, should it ever rise again ...
Katharina: Um ... so WHY exactly do so many people live here, now ... ?
Halen: Well, The Snake, as you know, DIDN'T rise again. Instead, it crawled back into its den and built the Great Wall around it ... so the settlement remained.