<Katharina and Shara sit down at a table in the tavern>
Katharina: <whispers> Did you see? The person at the bar here is a BAROC ...
Shara: Yeah, thus the Name I guess ... <loud> HEY, Barkeeper guy! Two wine, please, thanks!
Katharina: Soo ... I don't take it you've been here before, if you don't even know the owner ... ?
Shara: No ... but a FRIEND of mine RECOMMENDED it. Maybe I'll meet him here someday ...
Katharina: YOU have friends?
Katharina: Eh, I mean, you have friends HERE?
Shara: Yeah, fuck you, too, Katharina!



Alt-text: "She burned you harder than when she tried to get that armor strap off, girl ..."

While there are baroc (the snake people) frequently seen outside of their kingdom, and in Serpent's End they're actually very close to that kingdom, they are still less than byzarians or humans here.

It's not easy to leave the Serpent Kingdom, even if you want to, and most other people will view you with a good portion of suspicion ... nonetheless, someone seems to have settled down here and built a tavern. Hence the name, I guess.

Updated on 2018-03-24

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