Updated on 2018-04-07

↓ Transcript
Katharina: SHARA! Were you even listening?!
Shara: Yeah, don't worry, old ruins full of histiry 'n' shit ... when do we start?
Katharina: <sighs> In a few weeks. We need to prepare and -
Shara: Great. So several more weeks time for me to pass out from BOREDOM ...
Katharina: AUGH! Why ... why don't you talk to HALEN? He knows the city, and maybe he can tell you where you can find something to do ...
Shara: I'm a cripple, what am I supposed to -
Katharina: STOP! ... with the cripple talk, please? Tomorrow we'll visit a HEALER and I'll pay him to make you a prosthetic, alright?
Shara: ... You're pretty fucking rich, is that possible?
Katharina: Well ... I'm pretty and rich, that ought to be enough, right ... ? <winks>
Shara: Let's ... stay with "rich". To ... you. Thanks, Kat.