Shara: ... Gideon ... Gideon, I'm sorry ...
Katharina: He's not coming, Shara. He's dying, as alwys. You should know that.
Shara: Shut UP. What do YOU even do here, Kat ...
Katharina: He's dead and you know it. Why don't you focus on the FUTURE?
Shara: Shut UP! And put some fuckin' CLOTHES on, that's GROSS, princess ...
Katharina: Why don't you focus on ... THIS.
<Katharina gains the glowing, green sword in her hand>



Alt-text: "Why is Katharina sexier when she appears in Shara's dream ... ? :o"

Enough friendly talking, more .... dream talking. Yeah.

Updated on 2018-04-28: I like this page but without the normal panel borders the read order isn't as obvious as it should be ...

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  1. Worked good enough for me, twice … no questions here ^^

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