The Tyr’Enn are currently governed by a council, with the Chancellor at it’s top – although he’s not much more than the one council member who guides the meetings and who can break tied votes.

Updated on 2018-04-28

↓ Transcript
<Ki'i'Mar in the office of Chancellor Eshar>
Ki'i'Mar: I assume I didn't Interrupt anything important, Chancellor ...
Chancellor Eshar: Gena, as much as I enjoy your visits ... it is extremely rude - and actually ILLEGAL - of you to teleport into the Council's seat. Do you care to explain yourself, or do I have to call the Council Guard ... ?
Ki'i'Mar: DON'T threaten me, Chancellor.
<Ki'i'Mar glares at the Chancellor>
<The Chancellor appears unimpressed>
Ki'i'Mar: Alright, I don't have time for games, anyway ... I'm here for something IMPORTANT.