Updated on 2018-04-28: Lots of bold and italic text because Ki’i’Mar is a large, large ham.

↓ Transcript
Chancellor Eshar: I'd assume it was lost with so much else after the Empress was defeated.
Ki'i'mar: "Lost", HAH! We didn't even TRY to retrieve it after we won!
Chancellor Eshar: We had a lot more pressing concerns at that time, Gena. But assuming you're right and it reappeared - and you sensed it - why is it of such grave importance to you that you need to bother me in my private office? I wouldn't even be listening to you right now, if it wasn't for your status as Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: Don't get COCKY, Councilor ... I've spent a lot of time studying reports of the powers of that artifact and how it links to the powers ascribed to every Empress the Baroc had since the first. This blade is not just a weapon imbued with some simple enchantments ... and the last Empress was not just a powerful mage.
Ki'i'Mar: She, just like the CURRENT Empress, is a much bigger threat than any of you would believe. A SERIOUS threat to EVERYONE else inhabiting this world. And THAT is why I need to bring this before the Council - because WE, the TYR'ENN, need to ACT before it's too late!