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Updated on 2018-05-11: Minash, or as he was known to his friends, “Nickie”.

↓ Transcript
Councillor Amshi'Kar: A bold claim, Gena - and an equally ENIGMATIC one. Would you care to ELABORATE?
Chancellor Eshar: PLEASE, Councillor Amshi'Kar. The Gena has the word.
Ki'i'Mar: I can speak for MYSELF, Chancellor.
Ki'i'Mar: LISTEN CLOSELY; my dear "Greatest Minds of the Tyr'Enn", because I don't want to repeat this: Since all of you have the highest education money and status can buy, I assume that you have heard of Minash's model of LAYERED REALITIES. Our physical world, as the model states, is ony one layer in the infinite metaspace of parallel dimensions. Travel between those layers is practically, but not theoretically impossible. NOW TO THE EMPRESS ...