Shara: ... wow. Great pep talk. Really CHEERFUL.
Halen: Heh. Sorry.
Halen: That got a bit bleak, didn't it? But don't lose hope, Shara. I do not think you're drowning, yet.
Shara: What? "Yet"? Whaddaya mean, "yet"? You mean as long as I stay with you and try to be a good girl like Katharina?! PAH!
Halen: Shara, please ...
Shara: You think I should change? WHY?! Kat always asks me if I wanna "change", what I should do to "change" ... Who the FUCK does she think she IS?!
Shara: Why doesn't SHE change and learn that life is no fucking CHARITY! And now she pays for my LEG and my ROOM and I'm supposed to ... to ... like ... FUCK!!



Alt-text: "No, Shara, I don't think you're supposed to, like, fuck. At least not if you don't want to."

Wooo .... page 200. And it's late, again, sorry about that.

Updated on 2018-05-11

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  1. woo! congrats on the 200!

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