Well that was a lot of text.

Shara is actually quite good at reading people, it seems … at least when she’s not too absorbed with grumpyness and self-pity.

Also: First I misspelled Shara’s text in the third panel as “That other drag guy”, which makes Kshar’s response even better. Or worse. One of those.

Relettering got to page 35.

↓ Transcript
Kshar: Leave. Now. LAST CHANCE.
Shara: Oooooh ... that hit a NERVE, didn't it? Just a lucky shot, to be honest. But I'm GOOD at those, y'know ...
Shara: NOW, NOW, Kshar ... are you ANGRY? You ARE, ain't you?
Shara: Listen, here's how I see it: You think you're BETTER than me. 'Cause you're a big, strong WARRIOR GUY. Full of HONOR and all that shit.
Kshar: ... honor is for the BLIND.
Shara: Yeah, you keep tellin' YOURSELF that. But you savages are ALL about honor, ain't you? Like that other Drak guy you killed in the jungle.
Kshar: That was a WOMAN, you imbecile.
Shara: Whatever. What's important is THIS: You and your folks were crazy about honor. And family and ... whatever. But now, you're ALONE. And the way you act ... it's like you try to convice YOURSELF that you don't care about it. 'Cause that makes it easiert to live with yourself. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
Shara: But the truth is: Unlike me, you DO care about honor! And you LOST it, long ago!