The poor table.

Now this is the first strip completely drawn on PC – and I intend to keep doing that. I think in the long run it will give me a lot more liberties in what I can do with the strips.

Now, it will get a little more time to get use to the tablet and I’m aware that the drawing here is not as refined as the lines I did per hand in the last strips – but I’m sure I’ll get there again.
And I know myself – if I wanted to wait until I got “good enough” I’d still be using the tablet only for practice doodles 5 years from now >_>

On the other hand, I already like the shading and the shades of grey already more than the ones I did per hand – and also I could just make this page about 50% longer (to celebrate page 250 and as compensation for the wobbly lines – they’re already getting better in the next pages, I promise ;) ) without any of the hassle I had to go through for the double-length strip on page 209 .

So I really hope you like the change – or come to like it in the long run (just as I hope to do). I wanted to take this step for a long time and it kinde feels good finally having done it.

Aaand the relettering to to page 46, by the way ;)

↓ Transcript
<Shara lies on the floor and starts laughing>
Shara: Fh ... fh .. heh ... heheh ... heh ... you're SCUM. Just like ME. Heh. Filthy ... HONORLESS ...
<Kshar grabs Shara>
Ethkett: I said ENOUGH, Kshar! Hands off! HEY!
Kshar: :ngh: I'm almost done.
Shara: Hehh ...
<Kshar throws Shara over his shoulder>
Ethkett: KSHAR ...
Kshar: Don't worry.
<Kshar lifts Shara high in the air>
Shara: Hrg ... ?
Kshar: I'll pay for it later.
Ethkett: ... for what?
<Kshar slams Shara down onto a table, breaking it>