<Lady Violet's estate, the same evening>
<Lady Violet sits at her desk while talking to Straw>
Lady Violet: She DIDN'T take your offer, did she?
Straw: ... no, she DIDN'T.
Lady Violet: Didn't I tell you? I am reasonably sure I DID.
Straw: <sighs> ... yes, boss, you did. But I still think it was worth ASKING - she could've been a GREAT HELP when dealing with the Fist.
Lady Violet: "COULD" doesn't help us now. And should it turn out that you TIPPED HER OFF with your attempts to recruit her ... I will be VERY ANGRY. UNDESTOOD?
Straw: I understand, boss. But I'm SURE she doesn't suspect a thing.
Lady Violet: You should hope so. Or I will have someone PULL OUT YOUR TONGUE AND FEED IT TO YOU.
Straw: ... duly noted.
Lady Violet: Luckily we might still get SOME use out of her as a prisoner. Try to catch her ALIVE, will you? Along with that mage, KATHARINA GRAUCH, if possible. KILL the rest.
Straw: Got it.
Lady Violet: Good. But just to avoid MISUNDERSTANDING:
Lady Violet: TRY to get those two alive. if NOT possible, kill them like the rest. Make SURE no one else gets out of that jungle alive. And DON'T come back WITHOUT THEIR FINDINGS!
Straw: Don't worry, boss. I got this.



Alt-text: "Amanda, isn't it a litte too hot there to be wearing pelts ... ?"

I like it when I can just copy the panel backgrounds ...

Just a quick glance at people who are up to no good. One more page next week and then chapter IV: "Problems Yet To Come" is done. Which means it will actually be shorter than the one before, if only slightly. That's good because after chapter III I was kinda afraid they'd just get more and more bloated each time ... but we'll see how long the next one'll take ...

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