Lt. Kemyran: They're attacking again! BLOCK!
Lt. Kemyran: COUNTER!
<the akarpas run into the guards' magic shields and get thrown back>
Lt. Kemyran: Shields down, FIRE! Drive them back!
<the guards fire a volley of arrows, the akarpas retreat a bit, screeching>
Lt. Kemyran: They're not giving up! Another round!
Jester Book: So ... you think we should DO something?
Katharina: Er ... they seem to be doing fine, don't they? Why won't these birds GIVE UP, though?! We're just too many for them!
Jester Book: Let's just hope they're not waiting for -
<Something hisses behind them>
Jester Book: ... backup.
Katharina: Oh NO!



Alt-text: "God dammit Book, you jinxed it ..."

It is really hard not to delve into Jurassic Park references at this point.  

I updated the cast page a bit with three of the expedition guards (Kemyran, Eddis and Thomas), the others will probably soon follow. I also split the Serpent's End section in Mages' Guild people and the others ... because I just have too many characters here already.  

Also, I drew some pictures of the childhood families of my three main characters - you can find them over at my deviantart account!

... Here is Katharina and her father.

... Here is Shara and the rest of her poor family.

... And here is Halen with his three parents and two sister.

Right now we only heard a bit about Katharina's father in the comic ... I don't know if the rest will be a part of the story later, we'll have to see. But it's always a good thing to have a picture of where your characters come from.

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