It is really hard not to delve into Jurassic Park references at this point.


I updated the cast page a bit with three of the expedition guards (Kemyran, Eddis and Thomas), the others will probably soon follow. I also split the Serpent’s End section in Mages’ Guild people and the others … because I just have too many characters here already.


Also, I drew some pictures of the childhood families of my three main characters – you can find them over at my deviantart account!

… Here is Katharina and her father.

… Here is Shara and the rest of her poor family.

… And here is Halen with his three parents and two sister.

Right now we only heard a bit about Katharina’s father in the comic … I don’t know if the rest will be a part of the story later, we’ll have to see. But it’s always a good thing to have a picture of where your characters come from.

↓ Transcript
Lt. Kemyran: They're attacking again! BLOCK!
Lt. Kemyran: COUNTER!
<the akarpas run into the guards' magic shields and get thrown back>
Lt. Kemyran: Shields down, FIRE! Drive them back!
<the guards fire a volley of arrows, the akarpas retreat a bit, screeching>
Lt. Kemyran: They're not giving up! Another round!
Jester Book: So ... you think we should DO something?
Katharina: Er ... they seem to be doing fine, don't they? Why won't these birds GIVE UP, though?! We're just too many for them!
Jester Book: Let's just hope they're not waiting for -
<Something hisses behind them>
Jester Book: ... backup.
Katharina: Oh NO!