↓ Transcript
<Halen feels around the front of Gregor's desk>
Halen: <thinking> There is something hidden in here. I can FEEL it. I just have to find the right spot -
<something clicks at ther other side of the desk>
Halen: <thinking> AHA! You still can't resist my touch very long, can you Gregor ... ?
Halen: <thinking> ... spirits, what am I doing. That's NOT funny. I am SUCH a horrible person! I'm so sorry my love!
<He sees a secret compartment that has opened in front of Gregor's chair>
Halen: <thinking> Let's just ... get this over with. Maybe it is nothing. Maybe I was wrong about you, Gregor. ... PLEASE let me be wrong about everything ...
<He searches through the compartment>
Halen: <thinking> There's a letter hidden here! It's from ... "Amanda"? Lady Violet? Why would she ...
<He starts reading the letter>
Halen: <thinking> ... oh. Oh ... NO.
Halen: <thinking>