Katharina: I ... um ... I am also glad you're still here. And I will do my very best to make sure this all ends well. For all of us. ... You're a good person, Jester Book.
Book: <smiles> Wow ... hearing you say that makes me almost believe it.
Katharina: Which part?
Book: All of it.
<Katharina looks to the side to the two guards standing at the end of the corridor, eyeing them suspiciously>
Katharina: AHERM. Maybe ... this is not the best place to have a conversation like this.
Book: ... you're right. I'm sorry.
Katharina: Don't apologize.
Book: Yes, Ma'am.
Book: You should probably go now ... but don't worry about me! I'm always surrounded by so many guards, I don't think anything can happen.
Katharina: <whispering> The expedition was also surrounded by guards ...
Book: KATHARINA. It will be fine. Focus on yourself ... I don't think YOU are safe, either.
Katharina: What do you mean?
Book: We know just how ruthless my old boss can be ... who knows what she's going to do next? Just ... be careful. PLEASE.



Alt-text: "Why don't you kiss through the bars. I'm sure the guards will look elsewhere."

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