<Meanwhile at the top, we hear crashing and shouting from the entrance>
Human thug: <looks back toward the stairs> ... what's going on down there?!
Some other thug: I'll go check - you two stay up here!
Shara: <whispering> ... NOW, Kat!
Katharina: <whispering> But there's still TWO left!
Shara: <whispering> Doesn't matter, this is our best chance! DO YOU WANT TO SAVE BOOK OR NOT?
<Katharina looks down into the room>
<She sees Book in his chair, groaning. There are some bloodstains on the bag over his head>
<Katharina's eyes narrow>
<A bright flash of magic crashes through the roof and tears a big hole>
Human thug: WHAT THE -
<Shara jumps down through the hole with her dagger drawn, right in the thug's face>
<Katharina glides down behind her using levitation>
Katharina: SHARA! Do you need -
Shara: NGH! I got this - keep the rest out!
Human thug: AAARGH!
Katharina: <to herself> Oh boy right in the eye ...
Katharina: D-don't worry, Jester! We're -
<Another thug, a Baroc, is standing right outside of the door>
Baroc thug: Come back up!
Katharina: - oh crap!
Baroc thug: WE GOT MAGES UP HERE!!



Alt-text: "Any plan that relies on rolling a better initiative than the opponent is a desperate one indeed."

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