<a little later, Shara is leaning on the banister and listening to Gideon in her head>
<Katharina appears behind her, coming from Book's room>
Katharina: Hey Shara.
Shara: ... hey Kat.
Katharina: Has the Captain already left?
Shara: Yeah. She got shit to do, as you can imagine.
Shara: How's Book?
Katharina: Sleeping. He's very tired ... but he'll be alright.
Shara: <grinning> I'm kinda surprised you're not in his bed right now. Y'know, KISSING STUFF BETTER.
Katharina: <blushes> SHARA!
Shara: WHAT? C'mon, it's been obvious you two had a thing for each other since before we went into the jungle. It's getting kinda old.
Katharina: He ... I ... he is TIRED and HURT now. This is NOT the best moment for ... STUFF LIKE THAT.
Shara: UH-HUH. And you're also pretty tired I guess. I know I am.
Katharina: Uh ... right. Yeah.
Shara: I notice you're not actually DANYING anything anymore.
Katharina: <blushes again and smiles> W-well ... let's say we ... STARTED A CERTAIN OVERDUE CONVERSATION. That we need to pick up later.
Shara: Great, so I'll await news on that in like ... THREE MONTHS at your guys' pace?



Alt-text: "Kat and Book have now both agreed on entertaining the possibility of engaging in a mutual romantic relationship. Expect results and a further timeline in 3-6 weeks."

In case you missed it: there have so far been two extra pages with a litte Q&A session last wednesday and the week before that. There will be a third one of that next week, so stay tuned!  

Also, chapter seven has a title page now, go check it out!

3 thoughts on “page508

  1. Even if Book is faster, the webcomic publication schedule will probably draw it out to those three months for us :D

  2. Gideon, how does it feel to be ghosted?
    OK, that’s an unfair one, because we all know that’s not the real Gideon, but the sword’s manipulating spirit. Soooo … Sword, how does t feel to be reduced to ghostly interaction?

    1. Ah, entered wron email again …

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