Alt-text: "Kat and Book have now both agreed on entertaining the possibility of engaging in a mutual romantic relationship. Expect results and a further timeline in 3-6 weeks."

In case you missed it: there have so far been two extra pages with a litte Q&A session last wednesday and the week before that. There will be a third one of that next week, so stay tuned!  

Also, chapter seven has a title page now, go check it out!

3 thoughts on “page508

  1. Even if Book is faster, the webcomic publication schedule will probably draw it out to those three months for us :D

  2. Gideon, how does it feel to be ghosted?
    OK, that’s an unfair one, because we all know that’s not the real Gideon, but the sword’s manipulating spirit. Soooo … Sword, how does t feel to be reduced to ghostly interaction?

    1. Ah, entered wron email again …

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