Katharina: I ... I'm still not sure anything would really work out between us. I mean right now everything's just ...
Shara: KAT. Don't worry about that. I mean it. You had a REALLY LONG NIGHT, full of ADRENALINE. And now you need to SLEEP. Don't even TRY to figure this out right now. Let tomorrow's Kat deal with that.
Katharina: <smiles> ... I guess you're right. That's surprisingly WISE ADVICE from you, Shara.
Shara: <smiles back> I have my moments. In all honesty: Book's a DORK - but so are YOU. If it makes you happy, GO FOR IT. That's MY notes for tomorrow's Kat.
Katharina: I'll write that down for her.
<Both look out into the yard in silence, Kat looks content and Shara a bit tired>
Katharina: ... Shara?
Shara: Hmh?
Katharina: I just want to THANK YOU. For everything. For KICKING MY BUTT while I was cowering in that alley. For risking your life to save Jester. Without you this whole thing would have gone very differently.
Shara: Mhm.



Alt-text: "'Tomorrow's Kat' could be an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation."

In case you missed it, some links backwards to part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the Q&A sessions. I hope you guys liked it and found the answers illuminating ;)

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