Shara: ... I see how it is.
Katharina: Shara, this is getting OUT OF HAND!
Shara: When it's BOOK we're dropping everything, but for GIDEON ...
Katharina: That is NOT what I -
Shara: You guys only want to USE HIM FOR YOUR OWN SHIT! I was only ever allowed here because I could TALK to him!
Katharina: No, he's just DANGEROUS! AND YOU'RE DELUSIONAL!!
Shara: ... y'know, Kat: For a while you made me think that a Mage could actually think of ANYONE ELSE THAN THEIR OWN.
Katharina: Shara ...
<Shara turns to leave>
Shara: I hope you and Book have fun while you still can.
Katharina: Shara, WAIT ... !
<Shara has left in anger and Kat is left staring after her>
Katharina: ... nggh ... ffh ... FUCK!!!



Alt-text: "This might be Kat's first 'fuck'. Linguistically speaking."

... now I could say "that escalated quickly", but if I have done things right it should feel more like an elephant that has been in the room for a while and that finally boiled over (I'm mixing metaphors again, that poor elephant ... )

2 thoughts on “page511

  1. … kicked the porcellaine down and trampled on it?

    1. I like that one :) Although the porcellain-shop-thing is more of a german expression, isn’t it?

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