Alt-text: "Not the eyes! Weren't they the window to something ... ?"

Okay, I feel like I have to talk about something (nothing too bad, don't worry). If you don't want to read me discussing my own writing while it's happening and being insecure about it, just skip this blog post ;)


Sometimes I wonder if the whole Gideon using Shara's guilt and regrets to push her into stuff makes her seem like kind of a ... pushover? Of course her agency being slowly taken away with that is kind of the point, but it's also not very ... protagonist-y for her. Also, since I (hopefully) made it obvious that he isn't just flat out mind-controlling her, why can't she see what he's doing then? She is supposed to be (kinda) smart, right? At least when it comes to figuring people out.

... and I was almost ready to lay out my complete thought process here to justify everything, but that might just straight out spoil stuff for the future, so I have to refrain myself from doing so. So I just hope you can bear with me to do all the setup to Shara and Gideon and the rest justice in the end - I'm going to try to do my best. And Shara will have her own personal (active) part to play in that soon enough!

Ramblings over for now.

2 thoughts on “page548

  1. So far no objections from me, it is sometimes the strongest who are most easily led astray when someone tips into their emotions (which they usualy avoid to have or acknowledge, so no practise in coping with them). So – you have my trust in your character development skills ^^

    1. … and I love how that eye turns into something like a predator’s grin …

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