Alt-text: "People always tell Slania she should write a book about her life, but she just can't be bothered to."

It occured to me that Serpent's End probably needs at least a bit of farmland surrounding it, even if it does get a lot stuff through seatrade. But since in the south the jungle begings pretty much immediately (where those two are currently looking out to), that farmland will be more towards the north/east.

And since Slania mentions they are surrounded ... the Empire will probably be there, too, now. Luckily, as the Captain correctly states, the Baroc want something very specific very quickly, and they know it's inside the city walls. Which means the farmland is of litte importance to them.

So I imagine over the course of the last hours there have been some farmers who looked towards the big city, saw a foreign army assemble around it and thought to themselves "Welp, time to go hide in the cellar. Or maybe visit my relatives in Goldhaven for a while."

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