Alt-text: "Maybe I should give Kat's byzarian colleague there a name and a tag, if he's going to have more lines ... oh wait, nevermind."

What those green streaks on the arrows and the boulder last page are supposed to tell you, is that the Empire is enhancing their ranged/siege attacks with magic. Which is why it's really good to have a mage on your own to shield you ... if they manage to keep it up long enough.


Also, a technical anecdote: Remember when I switched to a new theme and I had to manually readd all the character and location tags and stuff? If you believe the newest update logs of that theme they now added support to also do all of that automatically. I hope it helps the next people who have to do that migration :/

They also added a field for the comic transcript - unfortunately it is not the same one as Comic Easel used. So I'd have to copy over all the existing ones to the new field (and also create new Transcripts for the last dozents of pages since I kinda stopped doing them) ... not sure I'm ever going to do that, but we'll see. It doesn't seem as important to me as the alt-texts, but what do you think?

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