Updated on 2018-01-04: It’s cute how I tried to distinguish the mud stains from the blood stains there with different amounts of black ink. I wonder if any of you Readers interpreted it that way?

(The darker one is the blood. Y’know, all that goo on the axe, with the bits and pieces from that baroc’s lung left on it …)

↓ Transcript
<Katharina backs off into the forest, while the Drak focusses on Kshar>
Drak Forsaken: So you killed snakes, huh? Let's see how you fight one of your own!!
Kshar: Your numbers just went from 5 against 2 to 2 against 3 in three seconds ... maybe you should just run, sister.
Drak Forsaken: <looks after the fleeing Katharina> Really? Where do you take your third one from?
Kshar: Humph.
Kshar: Now come on, bandit sum, or do you wait for that human to help you?