<The Human swings for Shara, she dodges>
Human Forsaken: DRAGON! We lost the upper hand! We should leave!!
Shara: "Dragon"? Seriously?!
<She attacks him, he ducks away>
Shara: And what are YOU called? "Archmage"?!
<The Human begins to cast magic in his hand>
Human Forsaken: Out of my way, dog!
Human Forsaken: Next time - HEY!
<Shara grabs the hand before he can cast>
Shara: GOTCHA!
Shara: No magic for you, fuckhead!
<She hacks off his hand>
Human Forsaken: AAAAAH!!
<Shara continues to stab him through the chest with her sword>
Human Forsaken: UNGH -



Alt-text: "Insert obvious 'disarm'-joke here."

Updated on 2019-01-04: The joke here is obviously that the human's name is actually "fuckhead". He had very mean parents.

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