Updated on 2018-01-06: So … you like Katharina’s skin, Shara? Shippers, beware!

(I always like to imagine I had enough readers for shippers to exist …)

↓ Transcript
<Shara sits at a cliff and ponders>
Shara: <thinks> There's still blood in my fur. Bah. Must be great to have a smooth skin where it washes off after just one bath ... like Katharina's ...
Shara: <thinks> Not that SHE got any blood on her ... fucking coward. I bet she could've set them all on fire with her fuckin' MIND. But instead she crapped her wizard pants and ran away.
Shara: <thinks> ... She probably never got in a real fight before ... grew up in a mage school or whatever ... What's she think she's doing travelling alone through this fucking world?! ... she'll get murdered sooner or later ...you gotta be STRONG ... not afraid to hurt or KILL if you want to defend yourself ...