And my most recent art shift (by the time of uploading this, of course) … thicker outlines … or better, a difference in the thickness of lines, at all. I’m always surprised how that can polish up a somewhat shaky drawing …

Updated on 2018-01-12

↓ Transcript
<A few days later, the group is on their way through the jungle again, it's raining heavily>
Shara: I HATE the jungle ...
Kshar: Stop complaining, we're almost there ... We should arrive at dusk.
Katharina: Oh, praised be Lhûn ... !
Shara: Yeah, I can't wait to finally get rid of you, princess ...
Katharina: Hey, I HEARD that!
Shara: I know.
Kshar: Is she being a "pussy" again?
Shara: Naw, more of a bitch.
Katharina: HEY!