Chapter Two

Alt-text: "The question is of course, as always: Whose blood is that?"

Welcome to chapter two: "Survival of the fittest"!

As you might guess from this title page, this will be the most bloody chapter yet. It is also one with a pretty big art shift towards the end ... and might still be one of my favourite chapters so far! A word on the blood and adult content in general: We already had some (mild) nudity in the last chapter, and this one will have its fair share of violence. I try not to make it gratuitous and only show what's necessary to the story but I also didn't want to hide anything to make it always save for children (or work).

Of course what's necessary and what's too much differs from person to person, and I just hope the balance that I've found will be alright for you!

Have fun and thanks for reading!


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