<The next morning, at the city gates, at sunrise. Kshar is already waiting, Shara approaches>
Shara: So ... here I am.
Kshar: I see that. Do you have the money?
Shara: Yeah, here. 50 silver coins, Human and Byzarian. Satisfied?
<She throws him a small bag of coins>
<Kshar checks the bag>
Kshar. Hm. Good enough.
Shara: So we can leave?
Kshar: Your friend still has some minutes to show up.
Shara: She is not my -
Kshar: I don't care. Did you really steal from him?
Shara: ... no.
Kshar: I don't believe you, and I don't care. I also don't care if you want to kill him in the forest and take the rest of his stuff.
Shara: I didn't plan on doing that. I think.



Alt-text: "At first I wanted to name this chapter 'Welcome To the Jungle', but that seemed to cheesy ..."

And while in strip 28 I had a speech bubble too much, now I have forgotten one. You know, the one were she actually says the think Kshar doesn't believe ... *sigh*

Updated on 2017-12-16: And behold, the speech bubble has magically appeared! What a time to be alive. (Adding one is much easier that removing one without leaving an ugly spot, of course)

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