Kshar: But as soon as one of you makes unnessecary trouble, I'm gonna leave you in the forest and you can go on alone.
Shara: <sighs> Don't worry. I know how to follow quietly.
Kshar: ... And if you try to steal from ME, you're dead.
Shara: Figures. <yawns with ostentation> It's too early for death threats ...
<Shara looks at the sun rising above the tree line and smiles>
Shara: Oh, look. Sunrise. And the princess is still not here ... looks like -
Katharina: <from afar, shouting> WAIT! I'm coming! I'm here ...
Shara: ... fuck.
Kshar: Almost too late, human. Money?
Katharina: <regaining breath> Y-yes, yes! <pants> Here!
<Kshar grabs the bag of money>
Katharina: Ahem, I'm sorry, I nearly got lost on the way and -
Kshar: I don't care. <pauses to check bag> Seems all right. Let's go.
Kshar: Come on, mammals. <turns to go>
<Shara growls at Katharina and follows him>
Katharina: A-alright ... good morning to you, too ...



Alt-text: "Katharina just can't catch a break, can she? Everyone is mean to her :("

Aaaaand another error ... it should be either "you, too" or "you two" in panel five ... I think it was supposed to be the first one ...

Updated on 2017-12-16: I think I was pretty confused when I wrote the above. But whatever the error was, I hope it's fixed, now.

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