Happy holidays, everyone! Here we have Shara doing her best knife-nut impression.

From now on I have to remember to draw her with that tooth gap …. I didn’t exactly *plan* for her to get it punched out by an angry Drak, it just seemed fitting when drew the scene. It was similar with her leg, actually … I had the rough situation planned for a long time (the stuff starting from page 101), but the details were a bit fuzzy … and when it came to draw the whole thing the consequences of stepping on a venomous root far out in the wilderness seemed obvious. And made for some good character and story developments, I guess …

What I’m saying is: these things just seem to keep happening. Sorry, Shara. I’ll try to leave you some limbs at the end >_>

Relettering got a bit further, too, up to page 74.

Remember, regular comics resume on january the 7th!