Jester Book: She is awaiting you right in the foyer, Master Peck. Please follow me!
Halen: <to Katharina> See how polite he is? All just a MISUNDERSTANDING, no reason to worry!
Katharina: <whispering> Halen, don't you think she might have orchestrated that ... SQUABBLE OUTSIDE, too? To UNNERVE Master Peck?
Halen: <whispering> Darling, please don't get paranoid. It's enough when GREGOR does it.
Katharina: <whispering> ... sorry.
Katharina: <whispering> But, y'know, if they REALLY dislike each other as much as you say, then -
Jester Book: Lady Hoffrin: MASTER PECK and his associates!
Lady Violet: GREGOR. How ... NICE of you to come. And here I was afraid you had decided to send your people into the jungle without telling me ...



Alt-text: "I should go back to drawing people in caves with simple linen clothes ... soo much quicker ..."

Lady Violet was once a very beautiful woman, indeed. Around the same time Gregor Peck was a handsome young man, actually. Who held up better?

(I'm not completely satisfied with how Lady V turned out ... it's alright, but something's ... off. I wouldn't mind that much if it wasn't her introduction panel - but it had too much detail to completely redraw in time ...)

Relettering is at page 70  and thus now in "Survival of the Fittest", one of my favourite chapters so far ;)

Also an announcment: I have now been uploading a page every single weekend for nearly three years ... I decided to take two weeks off :)

I will probably still upload something the next two Weekends (which happen to be christmas eve and new year's eve respectively ... maybe I'll upload friday evening instead), some filler art/sketches most likeliky. So you can still come and take a look! And in the meanwhile I will try to get some more relettering done and build up the strip buffer again ... and sleep 'till noon as long as I have vacation from work. I hope you all don't mind too much ...

So in short: The next regular update will be  7. January 2018!  

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  1. wow, its been three years already? I think you deserve two weeks off. :)

    1. More or less, yes – thanks ;)

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