Those digital pages take waaaay longer than the analogue ones, even if I do like the result … I hope I can reduce the amount of time needed with some practice. And I might need to find a better balance between drawing details and, well … limited time.

Relettering is at page 66 right now.

↓ Transcript
Master Peck: ... are you done with your litte SKETCH?
Jester Book: Master Peck, I apologize DEEPLY for this misunderstanding ... Lady Hoffrin is VERY thankful that you could come.
Jester Book: PLEASE, do come in! My name is BOOK. I assist the Lady in several manners ... she is inside, waiting for you.
Halen: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Book! My name is HALEN TUOMI, and this is KATHARINA GRAUCH, very pleased to meet you!
Jester Book: Likewise, and I apologize AGAIN ...
Jester Book: ... there seems to have been a ... MISCOMMUNICATION, concerning your visit here ...
Master Peck: I'll let it slide THIS TIME, because we have IMPORTANT BUSINESS to discuss. Now WHERE IS SHE?