Master Peck: How DARE you -
Jester Book: Wait, wait, they can pass! They're expected! EXPECTED!
Drak Guard: Really? They look like clowns to ME. And I'm pretty sure I saw the tall one juggling in the park ...
Jester Book: <sighs>And I'm pretty sure you should STEP ASIDE now, Khima, and be quiet!
Drak Guard: Says who, BOOKWORM ... ?
Jester Book: Says LADY HOFFRIN, whose PERSONAL GUESTS these are! And she does NOT like it when someone MISTREATS her guests!
Drak Guard: YOU -
Jester Book: Of course, if you have a PROBLEM with that, you can talk to her PERSONALLY. I'm SURE that'll go well.
Drak Guard: <hesitates> ... we'll talk about this LATER, bookworm.
Jester Book: looking Forward to it.



Alt-text: "If the freckles didn't give it away, he's supposed to have red(-ish) hair."

So, the little side project is done, but I probably won't be able to show it until a few weeks from now.

But it means I have time for relettering again ... and to make up for the lost ones I pushed them up to page 62 now.

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