Katharina: <whispers to Halen> In all seriousness, though: You don't think anything will ... eh ... HAPPEN today, do you?
Halen: <whispers> Don't worry, sweetie. It'll be fine, I'm sure. I'll ... try to keep hm calm.
Master Peck: <whispers> BE QUIET, YOU TWO! Don't you DARE talk behind my back like I'm TOO OLD to hear it!
Drak Guard: Who are you, what do you want?
Master Peck: I am MASTER GREGOR PECK of the Mages' Guild, you FOOL. And I am here to see Lady Hoffrin. Now OUT OF MY WAY.
Drak Guard: Sorry, the boss didn't order CLOWNS for today.
Master Peck: EXCUSE ME?!
Katharina: <whispers> Halen, if you can REALLY calm him down: NOW WOULD BE A GOOD MOMENT ... !!



Alt-text: "If there ever was a need for a good diplomacy roll ..."

Not much to say, still no time for the relettering. I might even use up my strip buffer for one or two weeks to get more time for the other things ... I just don't know how fast I'll get it back again. Right now I pretty much manage to produce one page per week.

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