<Meanwhile, at Lady Violet's estate, Master Peck, Halen and Katharina arrive>
Halen: It looks quite nice, doesn't it? I LOVE those dawnrose-bushes!
Katharina: It's a bit ... MUCH for my taste.
Master Peck: Not to mention this SCUM she has guarding the estate for her ... I bet they're recruited straight from the DOCKS ...
Halen: The Guild Halls have armed guards, too, Gregor ...
Master Peck: At least ours can speak in COMPLETE SENTENCES.
Halen: GREGOR! Don't be IMPOLITE! We're GUESTS here, today!
Master Peck: PAH.
Katharina: <whispering> These ... are all Drak. Do you think Lady Violet put them up here to ... INTIMIDATE us?
Master Peck: I wouldn't put it past her.
Master Peck: <whispering> REMEMBER, you two: You are representing the GUILD, Today. ACT LIKE IT! Show no FEAR and no WEAKNESS. ... and leave the talking to ME.
Katharina: <whispering, to Halen> ... is he always this ... INTENSE before Business meetings?
Halen: Not normally, no. But he and Lady V. have a ... SPECIAL kind of relationship.
Katharina: So ... what you're saying is that this will end up with at leas one person dead?
Halen: ... PROBABLY not.



Alt-text: "It seems about time Master Peck gets visited by three ghosts ..."

Look, an early update, cause I don't know when I'll be home tomorrow!

... 90% of the effort of making this strip went into the background of panel 1.

Also, no further newly lettered pages this week, I'm sorry. I'm working on something else (besides the one page per week) and probably won't find time the lettering for a few weeks ...

2 thoughts on “page252

  1. I’d say, panel 1 was worth the effort! Would love to see it without the speech-bubbles …
    I’m really curious what that other project is – maybe that fan-art project you hinted to on DA?

    1. Maybeeee … ;) But I’d rather not show it here unti it’s done ^^

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