Holiday Sketches 10

Alt-text: "I said it before and I'll say it again: The Black Fist does know how to give their memeber some cool looking armor. (Although it might have been more practical to put something on the torso instead of the elaborate arm thing ... but hey, branding)"

Happy new year, everyone!  

Look, it's a young Shara in her Black Fist enforcer days.

I don't think I've ever been too clear on this ... but Shara in the story's "present" is in her early twenties. And she arived in Golhaven after running from her home in the slums of Soaleyvin when she was barely a teen - this means there are nearly ten years where she lived on the streets, did petty crime to survive, bounced between gangs, landed in the Black Fist, worker her way up to "Enforcer" (their fancy name for "Thug") and finally got sick enough of it to run away. And of course Gideon was with her for a lot of that those years.  

Regular comics will resume next week on 09-01-2022!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Sketches 10

  1. Uh, so many clothes!

    1. And happy new year :)

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