Again, a happy new year to everyone – and welcome back!


Let’s start the new year in the Serpent’s Tail … remember the owner, Ethkett? And remember how she kind of had a thing for Straw?

↓ Transcript
<A few days later, Shara is in the Serpent's Tail>
Ethkett: So ... you actually KILLED STRAW?
Shara: Didn't I tell you already?
Ethkett: No, you just told me he was THERE and that he DIED.
Shara: Well ... yeah I DID.
Ethkett: Hmpf.
Shara: WHAT? He was trying to FUCK US OVER and SLIT OUR THROATS!
Ethkett: Oh I believe you. It's just a shame about THAT BODY.
Shara: Ugh, SERIOUSLY? Well, sorry to tell you: but that body belonged to a real DIPSHIT.
Ethkett: Hasn't stopped me before ...
Shara: SPIRITS, eth ... and I thought only mammals could be that thirsty.