<Ethkett puts a pot of coffe in front of Shara>
Shara: Mmthanks.
Ethkett: By the way: your JUICY LITTLE FRIEND, Straw, was here this morning. Asking for you.
Shara: ... hmh. ... "juicy"?
Ethkett: Yeah. He's CUTE. Told him he could wait for you here. I'd even have given him a free drink and a meal.
Shara: Really? YOU? Free drinks?
Ethkett: Not for you. Only people I like. He said he had stuff to do, though.
Shara: Don't tell me you have the hots for him?
Ethkett: <grinning> I'd DEVOUR that boy ... and he'd LIKE it.
Shara: ... you know, I've come THIS far in life without knowing how you guys fuck, and I'll be happy to KEEP it that way. So PLEASE stop talking now ...
Ethkett: At least we don't have those ugly BUMPS that you mammals are so OBSESSED with ...
Shara: They're called "tits", Eth.
Ethkett: ... And they're for feeding your BABIES. So what does it say about you that you want to suck on them as ADULTS? SICK BASTARDS, all of you ...



Alt-text: "Ethkett does not seem to like mammals very much ..."

I've updated up to page 6 with new lettering now. o/

I've got a feeling this might take a while ...

Updated on 2018-06-19: .... nearly done ...

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