Hey .. I think I know that name.

(Also, I always flip around the I and the Y in “Soaleywin”. It’s right in the transcript.)

Relettering the old strips has gotten up to page 13.

Updated on 2018-06-19: It. is. DONE. Relettering complete!


For everyone who is reading through the archives for the first time: This means that from the following page on the speech bubbles might actually look a bit sloppier at first, since those were the first one I drew digitally, about 9 months before I drew the ones in this strip …

↓ Transcript
<Shara finished her coffee>
Shara: Meh ... the coffee in Soaleyvin is better. The only thing those bastards got right ...
Ethkett: Don't like it - Don't drink it.
Shara: Eh. At least it helps with the headache. It's ALMOST gone now.
Ethkett: Great. So now you'll start with the booze, again?
Shara: HAR, HAR. Fuckin' FUNNY.
Ethkett: I know. Remember: MONEY, TOMORROW, not a day later ...
Shara: Right, right, I GET IT. Calm your ... NONEXISTANT TITS, or whatever. I'm gonna go look for Straw.
Ethkett: Have fun. And tell him I have a free drink for him! I got more customers, anyway.
Ethkett: <to someone else> Hey Kshar, the usual?
Shara: <overhearing it> Wait. "Kshar"?
Kshar: Give me a double one, Ethkett. I just survived the jungle. Again.