Kshar: ... and it looks like I'm not the ONLY ONE.
Kshar: I have to admit: I didn't expect you to SURVIVE that. Did the human carry you all the way here? Or did someone ELSE find you?
Kshar: Now, now ... Shara, was it? Are you angry? At me? You are.
Kshar: Maybe you should stop and THINK, just for a moment. And feel GLAD instead. GLAD because you were LUCKY enough to survive. Despite your IGNORANCE.
Kshar: But no, you choose to be angry, instead. Of course.
Shara: <angrily> You can bet your scaly ASS that I'm angry you fucking COWARD!



Alt-text: "Shara always chooses the option where you can swear the most."

Aaand from this one on the speech bubbles and panels are done digitally. Do you like it? I think I like it.

Updating the old strips with that has gotten up to page21.

2 thoughts on “page246

  1. Poco a poco, stop by step :) Looks good, very clean.
    And looking back at the pages with newly digitized speech bubbles I realize again how much your style has improved over time …

  2. Yeah, definetly looks great!
    keep it up!

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