<Shara slouches down into the bar with the help of a cane>
Shara: <grunts with every step of the stair> Ngh ... Ehn ... Nfh ... Mornin'
Ethkett: It's PAST NOON, Shara ...
Shara: I don't CARE Eth. Gimme a Cup of COFFE.
Ethkett: ... you sure? You already collected quite the tab yesterday ...
Shara: I don't CARE. I need a coffe or my head will LITERALLY EXPLODE!
Ethkett: And I don't suppose you're gonna PAY for it this time?
Shara: Ngh: Put it on my TAB. I should get some money tomorrow ...
<Both stare at each other for a while>
Shara: ... PLEASE.
Ethkett: Hmf. Alright. But if you DON'T pay tomorrow, I'll hire someone to break your legs.
Shara: Thanks.



Alt-text: "This comic is dedicated to hangovers all over the world."

I was hesitant to let them actually talk about coffee here ... but then again, they're in a tropical region and Shara was born just bit farther north and lived in one of the biggest trading ports of the world for a while. So why shouldn't they have known coffee (or some equivalent?)

I bet there might even be some coffee plantations somewhere near Serpent's End ... well maybe not that close to the wall.

Announcement: I'm starting to overhaul the old strips to add digital lettering and panel borders, just to make the whole thing more readable (and better to correct if I make a typo ... ). I'm trying to touch the old artworks as little as possible, otherwise, of course. So no CGI droids being added, don't worry ;)

The first results can be seen on page 1 and page 2 as of the time of writing. Of course I will only have time to work on this, occasionally, as the new pages will always have priority. (And yes, also sleep, work, hobbies, social life ... . yaddayadda >_>). I will update you from time to time in these comments how far I got, though.

Also, I will try to switch to digital letterring as soon as possible for the current pages, so hopefully you'll see that soon, too.

Updated on 2018-06-19: And now, 9 months later, the circle is full! Or ... nearly, as there are 2 more pages to overhaul ... *dramatic music*

One thought on “page243

  1. Yeah, try breaking that right leg *ggg* Although, of course, he could still try to break it above the prothesis (prosthetic? Hmmm …)
    I’m completely fine with coffee in fantasy worlds. As you say, why shouldn’t they have something similar? And why call it something else, only to explain then somehow that essentially, it’s coffee?

    Announcement: Yay :)

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