I was hesitant to let them actually talk about coffee here … but then again, they’re in a tropical region and Shara was born just bit farther north and lived in one of the biggest trading ports of the world for a while. So why shouldn’t they have known coffee (or some equivalent?)

I bet there might even be some coffee plantations somewhere near Serpent’s End … well maybe not that close to the wall.

Announcement: I’m starting to overhaul the old strips to add digital lettering and panel borders, just to make the whole thing more readable (and better to correct if I make a typo … ). I’m trying to touch the old artworks as little as possible, otherwise, of course. So no CGI droids being added, don’t worry ;)

The first results can be seen on page 1 and page 2 as of the time of writing. Of course I will only have time to work on this, occasionally, as the new pages will always have priority. (And yes, also sleep, work, hobbies, social life … . yaddayadda >_>). I will update you from time to time in these comments how far I got, though.

Also, I will try to switch to digital letterring as soon as possible for the current pages, so hopefully you’ll see that soon, too.

Updated on 2018-06-19: And now, 9 months later, the circle is full! Or … nearly, as there are 2 more pages to overhaul … *dramatic music*

↓ Transcript
<Shara slouches down into the bar with the help of a cane>
Shara: <grunts with every step of the stair> Ngh ... Ehn ... Nfh ... Mornin'
Ethkett: It's PAST NOON, Shara ...
Shara: I don't CARE Eth. Gimme a Cup of COFFE.
Ethkett: ... you sure? You already collected quite the tab yesterday ...
Shara: I don't CARE. I need a coffe or my head will LITERALLY EXPLODE!
Ethkett: And I don't suppose you're gonna PAY for it this time?
Shara: Ngh: Put it on my TAB. I should get some money tomorrow ...
<Both stare at each other for a while>
Shara: ... PLEASE.
Ethkett: Hmf. Alright. But if you DON'T pay tomorrow, I'll hire someone to break your legs.
Shara: Thanks.