Shara: Trust me ... you can do better than someone who runs with the BLACK FIST.
Ethkett: He ran with Lady V before, didn't he? Didn't seem to bother YOU.
Shara: The fist is WORSE, believe me! You DON'T want them around here. And now that I know Lady V is in bed with them I'm done with HER, too. Not that I liked her much to begin with ...
Ethkett: I heard the rumors, sure. In the end it's all just crooks and jackasses screwing each other over, though. And the mages on the side trying not to get dirty ... you done? I'm trying to close.
Shara: Sure.
Ethkett: I gotta admit: I'm kinda surprised you're running with THEM now.
Shara: With whom?
Ethkett: THE MAGES. Don't you LIVE there now?
Shara: And what if I was? None of your business, is it? And it wouldn't mean I'm "running" with them.
Ethkett: SLEEPING, then?
Shara: HAR, HAR, screw you.
Ethkett: Hey, I don't care - as long as you show up here to buy drinks.
Shara: Yeah well ... maybe I'll stop doing that then!
Ethkett: HAH. No you won't.



Alt-text: "Ethkett knows her customers."

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  1. Guess it would surprise us all a lot if Shara would skip the alcohol … and the other stuff offered in this bar.

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