Look at you Shara, kinda, sorta worrying about Katharina and her problems …

↓ Transcript
Ethkett: <leans over to Shara> Between us: I don't care where you sleep ... but I can't say the same for EVERYONE.
Shara: What's THAT supposed to mean?
Ethkett: People have been salty about the Guild for a while ... and how their master runs the city.
Shara: Isn't the Guild the only reason you don't have Soaleyvin OR Empire soldiers walking around here? Can't imagine people'd like either of THOSE more ...
Ethkett: Sure, but try telling them ...
Shara: LOOK, Eth: I trust the mages as little as anyone ... but Lady V is TEAMING UP WITH THE BLACK FIST. That's a crowd you REALLY don't want in your neighbourhood, believe me!
Ethkett: You just say that 'cause they tried to kill you.
Shara: They attacked a whole expedition! They're the kind that would walk in HERE and TAKE OVER YOUR TAVERN if they thought they could run in better!
Ethkett: I don't know, Shara ... this isn't GOLDHAVEN. If there really was a new mob in town, the GUARD CAPTAIN would have something to say about that.
Shara: Oh, I bet she has ... but there's only so much she can do if Lady V has bought everyone else.
Ethkett: Bought what, the WHOLE COUNCIL? Now you're exaggerating. It's not THAT bad.
Shara: Okay, maybe just a FEW. Which means the rest is on the fence ... and considering what I heard from Kat about her Guild Master's PEOPLE SKILLS ...