<A city council meeting, Master Peck is arguing with the other council members: Lady Ilviam, Lord Harnicky, Ech'Eta and Lord Bertrand>
Master Peck: Are you calling me a LIAR?
Lady Ilviam: We are NOT ACCUSING you, Master Peck.
Lord Harnicky: And why SHOULDN'T we?! HE is the one who started throwing around wild accusations. Like always!
Lady Ilviam: Lord Harnicky, PLEASE! Can we at least TRY to keep it civil this time?
Master Peck: CIVIL?! Amanda Hoffrin sent an army of thugs to KILL MY PEOPLE! I have PROOF! I have SURVIVORS WHO CAN TESTIFY! I WANT HER LOCKED UP!!
Ech'Eta: Witnesses FROM YOUR GUILD? Pah ... I might as well have my HUSBANDS testify for ME.
Lord Harnicky: She is right! Your feud with Lady Hoffrin is WELL KNOWN. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if you SET THE WHOLE THING UP to blame on her.
Master Peck: How DARE you!!



Alt-text: "... oh right, THAT'S the problem with the Mages' Guild's master. Although he kinda has a point here."

Just a reminder that Lady Violet's real name is Amanda Hoffrin :)

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