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↓ Transcript
Master Peck: Innocent people DIED there - and you accuse ME?!
Lord Harnicky: Isn't that what your guild is about? Magic and artifacts ABOVE ALL ELSE? Even the CITY and its PEOPLE?
Lady Ilviam: ENOUGH!!
Lady Ilviam: I said we are NOT accusing anyone here, Lord Harnicky! And Master Peck: we understand that this is a very tragic incident that NEEDS INVESTIGATING. Which is exactly what Captain Slania and her guard will be doing! We are not here to DO THEIR JOB.
Lord Bertrand: ... but what about this talk of the BLACK FIST? If they are involved we should be worried indeed - and as I understand Master Peck's people have brought PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of that.
Master Peck: They HAVE! Their armor was UNMISTAKABLE!
Ech'Eta: ANYONE could have put that armor on. And even if it WAS true ... there is nothing connecting it to Lady Hoffrin ... beyond the word of some VERY BIASED PEOPLE.
Lady Ilviam: Ech'eta has a point. We will have to wait what the guard's investigation turns up. Until then it would be very helpful if we could focus on MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS. After all, We have a CITY TO RUN.
<Master Peck is visibly upset>