Holiday Sketches 12

Alt-text: "Halen is just too tall and glittering to not be a christmas tree."

Happy Holidays everyone!

As a little extra bonus - I created a title page for chapter seven, go take a look!  

Also: There was already a question for Halen in last week's comments - do you have some more questions for the main cast (or anyone else of the cast I guess)?  Then I could make next week (or a bit later) a little Q&A  ;) I don't have twitter, so I you can just put them in a comment, write to or write me a note over at deviantart.    

Regular comics will resume on 2023-01-08!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Sketches 12

  1. Ethkett, when, where and why did you get your first piercing?

  2. Super-nice holiday special, btw :D Did Halen knit that jersey Shara is wearing?

  3. To Halen, Katherina, and Shara:
    1. What are your favorite meals?
    2. What is the most memorable location you’ve traveled to?

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