Holiday Sketches 11

Alt-text: "I like the long gloves he's wearing here ..."

It's Halen drinking a hot tea on a cold day!

As of writing this, it is actually below freezing outside, complete with snow everywhere (not a given this time of the year in this part of the world).  

Regular comics will resume on 2023-01-08!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Sketches 11

  1. What type of tea does Halen prefer? Herbs, spices, black, green …?
    Can we some time get a Q&A session with the most important characters?? Pretty please??? :D

    1. Uh … sure, I guess the webcomic way of doing that would be asking for questions and then having answers on the next update ;)

      Maybe I’ll ask for more next week and see what comes up

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