In case you forgot how the first meeting of those two went, start here for all its “Shara doesn’t know how to stop provoking a guard” glory.


Furthermore, as announced, this is the last full update of this year! What follows will be three weeks of sketch updates over the holidays, so feel free to drop by!

Regular comics will resume on 2023-01-08!

↓ Transcript
Shara: HUH. Well ... good luck with all that horseshit. Genuinely.
Slania: ... I COULD use some help.
Shara: From ME? Are you serious?!
Slania: You did well tonight. And you've proven that you're no friend of LADY VIOLET or the BLACK FIST.
Shara: Listen, Captain: I'm glad you finally understood that ... but I don't intend to get involved with ANY of this.
Slania: ...
Shara: ... ok, not MORE than I already am. Sorry to tell you, but we're gonna LEAVE as soon as possible.
Slania: "We"? Not sure your mage friend will agree.
Shara: I don't mean ... I mean that's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Work on your own problems, captain!
<They both stare at each other for a moment>
<Slania continues to stare and look like she's wondering about something>
Shara: ... what? Why are you lookin' at me like that? ... if you want to go for my throat again, at least give me a WARNING this time.