Alt-text: "Shara has made peace with the fact that she's going to get choked from time to time."

In case you forgot how the first meeting of those two went, start here for all its "Shara doesn't know how to stop provoking a guard" glory.  

Furthermore, as announced, this is the last full update of this year! What follows will be three weeks of sketch updates over the holidays, so feel free to drop by!

Regular comics will resume on 2023-01-08!

4 thoughts on “page506

  1. I love how the green tint in panel four reminds us of the presence of “Gideon” …

    1. Oh yes, and then there is this ghostly hand as well … I totally missed that the first time oO

  2. I just checked, the real “Shara pissing off the captain” action only starts at page 263, though they meet on 251 – but then there’s a lot of Lady V in between.

    1. … you’re right, good catch! I forgot that / should have read my own archive more carefully … ;)

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